Telepathic animal & nature communication

This ancient art of interspecies telepathic communication is insightful, empowering and humbling in equal measure. Whether it’s your pet or a rescue animal you are working with, every human is capable of dialogue with these beings.

  • Have you ever been curious what your cat or dog has been thinking?
  • Have you wondered what they do while you are away at work?
  • If your pet has taken ill for some unexplained reasons, the animal is capable of sharing the reasons and preferred solutions with us.
  • Have you been curious where your pet that has passed away is? What he would be doing?

You can watch the events space for workshops in ‘Telepathic Animal communication’; designed to help you reawaken your telepathic ability and connect seamlessly with the animal kingdom.

You can contact us for a consult with your dog/cat as well and our team of competent & passionate communicators will help you connect with your animal.For a consult, please drop us an email on : and we will send you the required documentation to take a consult forward.

Our Team

pooja-bhalePooja R. Bhale is a dynamic young woman with a deep understanding of the need to be aware of the self and the responsibility that we shoulder as a species. She is the founding Director of ‘Protecterra Ecological Foundation’ and ‘The Farm’ with an MSc Conservation from UCL, London and a BSc (Hons) Animal Biology & Conservation from UEL, London. Pooja has always had a single focus, the natural world! By day Pooja is a conservation biologist, ecological educator, life skills trainer and a sustainable lifestyles coach. She lives on a farm, in a tent with her pets and nature for company.

She is a level 2 Reiki Master, a Certified NLP Practitioner, a Light-Worker, Healer and a Telepathic Animal Communicator. Pooja is comfortable working and assisting all species of animals and their humans too





aarti-desaiAarti Desai is a student of life and learning every day. In addition to working for an International Media Company she works towards helping animals and humans through a combination of energy healing practices and modalities. Aarti is a certified Animal & Nature Communicator, she also practices a combination of healing modalities like Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Bach Flower Therapy, Quantum Core Two Point, Crystal Healing to name a few. She is always on the go, constantly finding ways to help animals, the well being of animals remains her primary focus.  To quote her, “My journey into healing started 12 years ago which has made me more conscious and receptive of my surroundings and the beings we share this planet with especially animals. Animal suffering made me dig deeper to find a way to help them… this opened a new understanding of the world, of animals. I believe in animals being our teachers and natural healers. My aim & motive is to help animals and their human, helping them is my way of giving back what they have given to me”.


shalaka-diwanjiShalaka Diwanji has been around animals all her life – across species, ages and borders. A staunch idealist and a compulsive wanderer she has had an instinctive ability to communicate with animals easily forming strong, close and lasting bonds with them, often past the understanding of people who saw these relationships manifest. Only after her training with Manjiri Latey has she been able to truly recognise and harness this ability. Guided in her quest by a Siberian Husky named Oslo, she uses these abilities to help and protect animals in any way she can.

It was only after her training under Mrs. Manjiri Latey that she was able to truly recognise and streamline this ability. Guided in her quest by a Siberian husky named Oslo, she uses these abilities to help and protect animals in any way she can. Apart from providing comfort and assistance when animals are lost or in pain, Shalaka also helps ford the communication gap between pets and their humans. Otherwise Shalaka is also a brand consultant, filmmaker and dancer; she has been an abhyasi of Sahaj Marg Meditation practices for more than a decade.



rahul-2Dr. Rahul Malushte is a gentle, compassionate and keen soul, who easily earns the affection of all his human and animal friends alike. Although primarily a Homoeopath, Dr. Rahul used to happily treat the pets of his human patients as well. Learning to communicate telepathically with animals has taken him a step further and he excels not only in medical care but also palliating terminal cases for both animals and their humans. Dr. Rahul is also a trained Psychological Counsellor and Past Life Regression Therapist; he brings together medical expertise and spiritual sciences as the Founder and Head Consultant (Clinical Services) at Wellnessence – Homoeopathy, Healing, and Conscious Living Centre. ( Pure love for all forms of nature helps Dr. Rahul bond easily with all animals. Pets delight in showing him around their homes and speak to him about their preferences, sufferings and share messages for their humans. He is comfortable working with all animals and extends the same care to their human families.


tamannaDr. Tamanna Chellani is a multifaceted, warm and empathetic homoeopath who serves both – humans and animals. She excels in understanding origins of behavioural difficulties and helps form deeper bonds between animals and their human families. As the Founder and Head Consultant (Therapies & Operations) at Wellnesssence – Homoeopathy, Healing, Conscious Living Centre, she works to alleviate suffering and empower people to whole health through Homoeopathic Medical Care, Counselling, Past Life Regression Therapy and Self Awareness Workshops. ( Desire for a harmonious universe, living in unison led her to explore Telepathic Animal Communication. Dr. Tamanna works best with dog, cat and bird pets. They often reveal their deeper self to her sharing incidences at the root of their issues, sometimes recounting even their past life experiences to bring deep healing. With personal transformation at the root of all her work, Dr. Tamanna is happy to go beyond conversations with animal pets to helping their humans heal as well.

anaida-parvanehAnaida Parvaneh has been the vanguard of the Indian Entertainment Industry since topping the music charts as a teenager. She is a multidimensional artist, a singer, writer, composer, producer, painter, entertainment consultant and public speaker ( spiritual studies and psychology have been her passion especially since she grew up with a clairvoyant mother to whom healing and naturopathy were a way of life.  A chance video brought her to Anna Breytenbach’s course and subsequently to Earthwise where she did a course under Manjiri. Ever since she has been an active member of the animal communicators group and is active in animal rescue.

Jyoti Ponnampalath is crazily, madly, deeply irrevocably in love with animals. They always take precedence. She has a range of skills all enabling her to be a better communicator to her first love animals.

Jyoti is a certified Canine Trainer & Behaviourist, Telepathic Animal Communicator, NLP & TTT Practitioner. She is also certified medium for healing – Level 3 Pranic Healing, Basic EFT and Angelic Healing.