Outdoor education

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.”

This Chinese proverb that highlights the role of experiential learning, best explains the crux of an ideal education system.

A Scottish born American naturalist John Muir tapped into the potential of experiential learning over a century ago, when he advocated the path of the outdoors for exploration and restoration. Thousands over the years have shared his love for the outdoors and one such stream which has been able to encapsulate the true power of nature and wilderness is ‘Outdoor Education (OE)’. OE is regarded as a compelling approach to social & personal learning, decision making and more importantly ‘empowerment’. Our traditional education system tends to offer very little scope for one’s creativity, innovations or passions. Any subject under the sun can be learnt in an involving and fun manner, which helps heighten the learners’ senses and assures sustainability ofthe knowledge.

The greatest ability of OE is its experiential and adventurous approach, which places the individual in the driver’s seat and makes the process of learning more holistic. Earthwise has been using the capabilities of OE to reach out to the common man, and help make learning fun and empowering.

Thus, if you are a part of the education system, corporate world, a student or an aware parent and wish to make the process of knowledge gathering enjoyable and sustainable, OE is a vital cog!