About Us

Earthwise is the brain child of Indrajit and Manjiri Latey, who are both ardent outdoor aficionados and wild-lifers. Having spent most of their lives travelling and working in forests and mountains, ‘Earthwise’ is their dream venture of extending their passion with a larger community. Through their outdoor sojourns, both Indrajit & Manjiri have experienced tremendous personal transformations. They wish to extend this magic to more people and have them experience the therapeutic value of the outdoors.
An addiction and passion for the outdoors has helped them see beyond the stereotypical perceptions of a tourist, as they are working to educate people of all ages, in making this planet a better place to live in!

Manjiri Latey

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Manjiri has been an avid trekker and wildlife enthusiast for over 30 years and owes her passion for the outdoors to her parents, who were keen mountaineers themselves. She has travelled extensively, both within the country and internationally to offbeat places in pursuit of exploring the destinations & her own potentials. With a ‘Masters in Outdoor Education’ from University of Wales (UK), she is a ‘Certified Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming’ (NLP) with NFNLP- USA; and holds a ‘Diploma in Training and Development’ from Indian Society of Training and Development (ISTD), New Delhi. She is a ‘Certified Practitioner & International Coach in New Code NLP’ having learnt with Dr. John Grinder ( Co-founder of NLP). She has been practicing as a ‘Facilitator in Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning’ workshops for the last 15 years; using the tremendous potential of the outdoors for a spectrum of behavioural issues, from leadership and self-esteem, to niche issues like multiple intelligence theory, overcoming fears, phobias & unwanted behavioural patterns, to de-addiction. She is also a passionate and trained ‘Telepathic Animal communicator’ having learnt with telepathic communicators like Maia Kincaid, Carol Gurney and Kim Pickett. Manjiri believes that there is nothingunder the sun that cannot be learnt in the outdoors and is a proponent of using nature as a guide and teacher.

Indrajit Latey

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Gangadhar, a.k.a. Indrajit has worked in the field of wildlife and trekking for the past 20 years. His passion for wildlife and nature was ignited in his childhood years, having spent most of his summers in the Melghat tiger reserve in Northern Maharashtra. With a passion for photography, he is proficient in ornithology, mammals and natural history. He started his outdoor career with Nature Trails, an environmental education campsite and went onto work with the ‘World Wildlife Fund’ (WWF) Pune as a naturalist. Having lived and worked for 6 years in Kanha National Park (Madhya Pradesh), he has gained insights and expertise in central Indian flora and fauna. He has travelled extensively around the country and whether he is guiding wildlife groups, diving in coral reefs or skiing in the Himalayas, Indrajit is at home in all terrains. He believes that the urban man has lost touch with nature and strongly feels that educating and helping people reconnect with nature will go a long way in invoking the spirit of awareness and conservation.


Ashok Captain

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Ashok, fondly called Cap! when not ‘somewhere in Arunachal Pradesh’ works with us at Earthwise. As he likes to believe, he gets along better with bicycles, snakes and non-city folk than ‘normal’ humans. He dislikes running (but runs marathons anyway..), loves junk food and fizzy sugar drinks. Cap has an obsessive-compulsive-disorder with respect to outdoor safety, which makes him an absolute pillar for the Earthwise team. With a whacky sense of humour, he is an asset in planning the less-serious, more zany Earthwise activities. He studied zoology in college and went onto co-author a couple of books on snakes. Regarded in the wildlife fraternity as an authority on the snakes of the sub-continent; his humility masks his personal and professional achievements. With 11 years of bicycle racing, he worked as an outdoor instructor (with kids) for 8 years and serviced a bike ridden by Lance Armstrong that was later sold for a cancer charity! 🙂 His fitness & enthusiasm defies his age and he’s an absolute motivation for all of us to strive harder for our fitness goals.

Sachin Gaikwad

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The term ‘on the rocks’ has a whole new meaning for our man!!! A rock climber at heart, Sachin is our adventure specialist. Having completed his ‘Basic and Advance Mountaineering Courses’ from the WHMI- Manali & Austrian certification in ‘Basic and intermediate course in artificial wall climbing’, he has 10 Himalayan expeditions under his belt. One of his highlight expeditions has been the Mt.Shiva ascent in 1990, which was the first Indian civilian expedition. As an ace rock climber he has scaled the Kokan Kada (1,200ft) and the Dhakoba Climb ( 3,500 Ft) both in Apline style. With his strong technical know how, Sachin has also been working with Petzl – as in industrial trainer. He has recently been certified by the IFSC as a belayer, along with working as a technical advisor and chief belayer at the Zonal and National artificial wall climbing competitions.